Macabro Xtreme Publishing has been founded in frustration at the lack of quality hardcore/extreme horror in the mainstream press.

We are here to offer the latest in hardcore horror fiction.Products:Short stories for download (in .PDF format). In the future we will offer anthology collections and eventually longer works as E-Books (in .PDF format), and some paperbacks.

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Interested in publishing with us?
Email us at guerillaentertainment@hotmail.com
Make sure to type macabro xtreme publishing in the subject line!
Please keep in mind that we are a brand new small press in the new age of digital publishing, so we cannot offer what established publishers can, but we CAN offer publication by a company that cares about extreme hardcore horror and will strive to get your work to those who will appreciate it!


4 Responses to “ABOUT US”

  1. Hi,
    I submitted my novella ‘And Then You Die’ in August and I am hoping that it has caught your interest.
    Apologies for being a nag, I am keen to hear from you and hopefully move forward with the novella.
    Very best regards

    • Sorry for the delay. Because of my day job, film work, etc, macabre xtreme has sort of been on the back burner for a while. I am hoping to get things back on track going into this winter.
      If you would like to submit elsewhere I totally understand. Just keep me posted if someone else accepts.
      Otherwise after halloween I hope to start getting caught up.
      Feel free to shoot me another reminder in early November.

      • No worries at all, I totally understand! I’d love to keep ‘and then you die’ exclusively with you for now, I’m happy to give you another nag in November 😉
        Thank you for getting back to me.

      • Hello again Sir! Just sending my early November nag as requested 😉
        I do have some other works that may be of interest to you but I don’t want to bog you down if you’re snowed under!
        Looking forward to hearing back from you very soon.

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