MACABRO XTREME is now accepting submissions for the following:

ATTENTION!! Submissions for SPLATTERPUNK IS NOT DEAD! are now closed!  Thank you all for your submissions.  You should be recieving an email shortly with more information.  If you have not been contacted about your submission by mid May feel free to query.  

Shock me, disgust me, scare me, titilate me and drop my jaw!
Send me the most extreme hardcore horror fiction on the planet!
SPLATTERPUNK IS NOT DEAD! is to be published first as an e-books and possibly a trade paperback at a later date.

All authors will be notified by early May whether or not their work has been accepted via email.  If you have already submitted, thank you for your patience as we have been continuously accepting submissions to gather some of the best extreme horror fiction out there!

I am seeking roughly 12 pieces of short fiction (up to 5,000 words) along with 5 flash fiction pieces (500 words or less).
(More may be accepted, but payment will only be available to the first 12 short stories and 5 flash fiction stories accepted)

We are also seeking submissions for hardcore horror/splatterpunk novellas, short story collections and extreme horror themed graphic novels for publication.

Payment for anthology publication is as follows:
Short stories: .20 per e-book download/ .10 per trade paperback sold
Flash fiction: .05 per e-book download/ .03 per trade paperback sold

Being an independently run small press, we unfortunately cannot afford to pay our contributors upfront, but payment per unit could work out in your favor if enough units are sold.

Payment for novellas, collections and graphic novels can be discussed on a one on one basis.

Please email submissions in .doc format as well as .pdf (graphic novels in .pdf) to
please put “anthology title”(or novella submission or graphic novel submission)/story title/word count in the subject heading.
Please refer to other formatting guidelines at the bottom of the page!

We will license non-exclusive worldwide electronic and print rights for a term of 3 years.

Estimated response time is up to 60 days for any publications.

I look forward to reading what you have to offer!

Please type all works in 12 pt times roman and double space.
Center Title and author (name to be published under) alone on first page.
Use page break option for page breaks (DO NOT SIMPLY ENTER UNTIL NEXT PAGE)
Please donate paragraph breaks with a centered ***.


One Response to “SUBMISSIONS”

  1. Thank you all for your submissions! I Cannot wait to read all of them. I have sent an email to all who have submitted. I hope to get back with all of you on whether or not your story will be included by early May, but it may take a little longer to get through all of the stories and make my decisions so…
    If you have not heard anything by mid May, please feel free to query.

    Thanks again!
    Jeff Chitty

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